Injaz Industry SARL

Who We Are

Who we are

In recent years,along with continuous development of the rubber industry, the comprehensive utilization of used rubber has been booming .Production and application  of reclaimed and scrapped rubber in particular have become the driving force of the comprehensive utilization of used rubber.

Injaz industry is founded in 2014 and considered as one of the rare manufactures in the middle east located in the heart of Beirut Lebanon in an area called Baaorta and spread through 5000 square meters.

We recycle more than 10.000 tons of scrapped tires yearly and transform used rubber into rubber granules known as mesh,with  different sizes ( 30-40-60-80-100) depending on customers’ demands.

We also provide several rubber products such as rubber rolls that are used for running and walking areas outdoor and indoor, also they can be used in Gyms for weight lifiting areas.
Moreover , when recycling tires, we get steel as tubes and fiber, these two materials can be used in several industries such as steel indusries and clothing industry and can be sold seperately.

We also produce rubber tiles in different sizes, shapes and in several colors which are UV protected, and these tiles are usable for indoor and outdoor applications for example: 

Pedestrian Passage, kids playgrounds, stadiums, pool surroundings, etc.

We can also provide our customers with a variety of custom made products that suit their needs and demands.