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Environment And Social Responsibility

Environmental & Social Responsibilty

We Like Our Environment

Around 70 percent of the world’s rubber is used in tires. Thus, we at Injaz Industry have chosen to recycle used tires rather than fabricate new material because our main concern is saving our environment and creating rubber products that use the recycled materials. 

At Injaz Industry, we are constantly seeking modern ways to reduce the effect on the environment. Recycling tires salvages the nature from ending as dangerous landfills, which pollute the soil,water and pollute the air if burnt. Recycling tires also saves the natural sources that would otherwise be consumed to produce new raw materials. 
Environmental awareness is very obvious in the development of our products, our industrial techniques, and the quality of materials we use.

Our products provide solutions for architects, designers, factories, builders and home use that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.